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There is a stage in spiritual awakening where EVERY thing is just wrong. There is a lost feeling as the ego dies with each wound healed. The soul sorts out its equanimity. It is as if we are a worm in the chrysalis as its body literally melts into nothingness on its quest to transformation. It is also the phoenix rising from the ashes and the snake wringing and twisting its body to its skin. We are becoming new. Even our DNA is transforming as the ancestral baggage dislodges and is released. It is completely up to us how long and how painful this stage will be. This is not victim blaming but quite the opposite--this means we are more powerful than we know. In this way, we can become awareness and practice one of Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga, aparigraha, which means nonattachment. It is in the letting go, that our new life begins. Yes, we need to find faith. We must draw closer to Source at this time. Lots of meditation to get us in that vibration of unconditional love and bliss. Where we can remember who we are--that we are energy which cannot be created or destroyed. That we ARE Gods, capable of cultivating a close, working relationship in co-creating with the Universe. In doing so, we can release fear, understanding we are Divinely guided and protected. This is seriously the "shadow of the valley of death" stage--that is, until we let go, create that strong bond with Source energy, understand our divinity, and become healers ourselves, and warrior and survivors. This stage can leave you questioning your sanity. People around you, even family members, who are still asleep wont know how to deal with you. Maybe the vibrational frequencies between you and someone who was once very close, no longer mesh, and you grow farther from each other. Perhaps some are growing with you, your fellow lightworkers, you know them after just sharing a few sweet sentences with them. With some, no exchange of words is needed at all. But you KNOW you're not the only one who feels this way. Which should strengthen your faith and allow for even more healing to happen on a quantum level. We understand that restoration of the heart is what is needed on this planet. We also understand that this means old systems are going to need to crumble. Just as parts of us are currently crumbling. When the discomfort gets to be so severe you don't know if you can take one more second, remember this. Transformation into the new requires a dying of sorts. Dying to old ways of being that no longer serve our highest good---the good of self, others and the planet. Triple wins. That is what this new paradigm is all about. The shift is happening. Our souls know the veil of maya is being pulled back. And that we will bring heaven onto earth.

So lightworkers, when you are feeling like you don't know who the hell you are anymore, you cannot tolerate things you once could, cant relate to most people, feeling lost and fearful and nothing seems to make any sense at all, remember you chose this mission because you knew it was going to be amazing, magical and beautiful. Do not undermine your importance in this and you are safe--the universe has your back

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