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Hello and namaste dear Lightworkers. I am back after a three-day-long, much needed social media fast. With the simple analogy in mind of "tending to your own facemask first. I very much needed to step back and breathe, meditate and rescue myself from that fear vibration I feel so strongly in the collective. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Soul's mission for coming here is, has, and always will be "anchoring the light." To anchor the light. we must find the vibration of the light. We cannot simultaneously hold the vibration of light and that of fear. It simply doesn't work that way. Polarity in the third dimension has brought us to an apex of the witnessing of two extremes, and it is up to us to choose which we are going to resonate with. FOCUS. I think most of us would agree that light feels a lot better than fear. I am quite certain that if you like my page, you are well aware that there is a WHOLE lot more going on behind the scenes than what we are being told, and have felt this moment coming for a long time. There are many theories and ideas, but no one really knows the truth. It is important now more than EVER to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Get really quiet and listen in your heart of hearts for what strikes true for you. The Buddha said, (paraphrasing) 'don't take anything as truth, even if I said it, if it doesn't resonate deep in your own heart..' Consider the source of the information you are receiving. Let us co-create our reality with Divine loving unity--the Source of light and love.

Two things that will make it a whole lot easier;

1. Connection with others. We can do this online, with the just the right amount of "social distancing"--which I would like to rename to simply "physical distancing." Technology has made it very easy for people to connect and unite all over the world. We can use that to our advantage. We are organizing an online meeting to do just this, and I will share the information for joining in that in a future post.

2. Deepening your spiritual practice. Sensitive lightworkers like us have, no doubt, have felt the strong pull toward strengthening ourselves on a spiritual level these last many months. Now is the time to take what we have learned and hone it into something amazing!

Remember--alchemy. There are many tools at our disposal. I will post some things that are helping me find my center and stay present. Books, affirmations, listening to interviews from personally trusted and valued sources, prayers, meditations, music, writing prompts..etc..These are incredibly powerful resources, I have found, and my hope is that you find some hope and joy in whatever resonates with you as well.

Things are getting very REAL. We are about to find out truths that may be disturbing. We are going to find out who and what is real in our lives/the world and who and what is not. I have posted about my feelings on this year being the year of right-seeing. So many of us are faced with the possibility of our own deaths. It is no longer helpful to pretend it doesn't exist anymore. We are being forced to look at these things. A very high-emotion time FOR SURE. There is a lot at stake on all levels--But we will get through together--remember the song and passage---to everything turn turn turn--there is a season for everything. A time to laugh, a time to cry and everything in between. " This, too, shall pass."

Let us support each other in witnessing the bigger picture of things. Lets open ourselves up to THE TRUTH. No more resisting and complacency. (you know what I am talking about!) NO more pink elephants in the living room--the time for irresoluteness is over. That was a luxury of the past. Now is the time we see what truly matters to each of us, having been knocked out of the seemingly endless treadmill of delayed gratification---constantly busying ourselves and denying ourselves for the sake of some future goal. The present moment is what we have and I have to say--I am ALLLLLLL about anchoring the light with all my might (this I heard in a recent meditation). Because truly, I am convinced, that in the bigger scheme of things, this is all that really matters. Love and Light to all. Namaste.

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