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Are these familiar words you speak to yourself? You may be an empath/HSP/clairsentient. Have you been aware of things since you were a very young age that others apparently were not? Perhaps you have a strong resistance to modern society the way it is. What about social gatherings and the pressure to fake-smile as people engage in that small talk you can't stand. It all seems so superficial--because we, as lightworkers, are connected to a much deeper frequency than most others around us. It seems beings like us have been sprinkled sporadically about, in different places where we are needed. This has caused a lot of us in our early awakening phases to feel isolated, lonely, and misunderstood. It is not uncommon for us to feel like misfits. Or even to allow those around us to label us "crazy". Some of us were labeled as conspiracy theorists for seeing through the illusion and pointing out the truth.

Perhaps you're at a point in your awakening where you just cannot tolerate as much as you used to. You find the barrage of energy --when you open the front door--suffocatingly intense. It makes you just want to hide away until paradigm shift miraculously makes its way to our present timeline.

But the truth is, WE came here to help bring in that new paradigm. We have been placed exactly where we need to be, and have been given the proper tools to perform each of our special missions on its behalf. You might really dislike the place you are in life at the moment. You might not have found your mission yet. You might not believe you play an important part. (I know I have been under the spell of the false belief that I don't matter and what I have to give is not wanted. This has caused me to play small much of my life, and it is important I heal that lie and replace it with a truth, such as a belief that is its exact opposite). The truth there is that each of us has a very specific and equally important role to play in creating heaven on earth. That is why you are called "lightworker". You are here as a conduit for the light to enter and fill the world. And you do that in a way only you can, using your special divinely-given gifts. It is of highest importance that we clear and integrate the shadow self and the ego that have stood in the way of us expressing our gifts.

Many of us have been in a cleansing process of clearing old trauma and healing old wounds. A lot of us sensitives/.empaths/clairsentients have been through hell and back with trauma. But remember the Rumi quote. "it is through the wound in which the light enters."

The internet and easier travel has been such a blessing for us to see that there really are others like us in the world. We see that we are not alone--not by a longshot. I have met the most amazing lightworkers online and in my travels---such as to Ayahuasca ceremonies. 🙂

The internet has also made it easier than ever for us to share ourselves in authentic ways, including building businesses from our passions. Contrary to what we have been taught, it is not normal to live a life of drudgery, tolerating a job we are not passionate about. We are being called to share our passions as our mission, and the online life has made it so readily available to each of us. We have a greater reach than ever, to be an influence and help to wake others up.

So fellow lightworkers--take comfort in knowing that I understand you, there are so many like us, and we are each exactly where we need to be. Thank you for the work you do in the world, both knowingly and unknowingly, for there is no other work more sacred. ❤

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