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I am not someone who places much importance on the idea of “ New year's resolutions.” My sincerely intention is always to integrate new ways of being that serve my highest possible outcome, daily.

That being said, in this unique new year, the first one of the Aquarian Age of unity consciousness, my own inner work brought me to profound realizations of how to proceed consciously and conscientiously into this embracing of the new paradigm.

Here, I share these insights and internal wisdom, open-heartedly, as I have been instructed to do by the Divine consciousness flowing through me. Highlighting important points for ways of being in the coming days and years ahead.

Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, clairsentients, may you take what serves and leave the rest, and may you always listen to your own highest calling cultivating the highest transformation you wish to see in the world.

Thank you for allowing me to share my own highest truths with you, for the more I speak from my inner truth, the more powerfully I can grow in my ascension. I allow Source to flow truth through me, no doubt calling many others to stand firmly within their own highest truth.

And so be it. And so shall it be.

On authenticity.

I have made the irrevocable commitment to giving the world only the most authentic version of me. Free of traumas and ego consciousness and the various accompanying addictions of victimhood, codependency, and martyrdom—as I have done my shadow work with due diligence.

I allow myself to clearly re-member who and what I truly am (Tat tvam asi). I drop any attachment to the faulty conditioning, false beLIEfs and 3D programming that have plagued most of us in the our young life and from lifetimes prior.

I am (as Don Miguel Ruiz states in his book, “the Four Agreements) impeccable with my word. It is safe to assume that my integrity is such that I say what I mean, I show up when I say, and my truth will be voiced.

My level of self-love is such that I can be expected to voice my needs and set appropriate boundaries, operate from a place of self-responsibility, and manifest in my own right. I understand and accept that everything is here for the evolution of my own soul. (Thank you Universe for my ascension!)

I am free of judgment and expectation, embracing instead, honest discernment in all my affairs. I consult continuously with the higher realm of consciousness that resides just within my chest and fills my veins and every atom of my vessel. My intuition is my constant companion, in the sweet realization of the conscious Self who has made the often-treacherous 18-inch journey from head to heart.

On exiting the matrix.

I hereby free myself from the prison of the lack matrix, understanding that it is an illusion that resides within the mind. I accept whole-heartedly the quantum abundance that is each of ours to claim.

I cannot be manipulated through the use of the various control tactics such as brainwashing, toxic sustenance, and the stealing away of freedoms under the guise of “safety”.

I no longer run from lack, but embrace my God-given status as co-creator, manifesting the world I desire. I am no longer available to play the losing push-pull dynamic, keeping many in perpetual slavery.

I take my power back from forces seen and unseen, who seek to destroy my sense of inner peace and presence. I am not available to ideologies rooted in entropy.

My auric field is impenetrable to lower level consciousness. I separate myself from the dreamspell and proceed unapologetically in the direction of own truth.

I overcome the temptations of the temporal as I can no longer be seduced by the sensory, the false lures for the hook of Maya which induces all suffering. I no longer desire its bait. I do not allow the screaming fantasies of the dystopic outer world to drown out the whispers of my own inner world of Utopia. I declare my independence from the false (and dying) system of dominance. My focus is on point.

I clear my resistance to the many who are still mired in illusion and set appropriate boundaries so as not to get hooked into their world. I understand that not all are here to ascend. I leave them to their own path.

I let go of anxious messages and instead trust the timing of my life, allowing my higher Self (Atman) guide the way. I remain cool, calm, quietly-confident in the face of apparent uncertainty.

I reign in the wild horse of an overly-analytical mind, and direct my intuition where it belongs—in the driver's seat.

I am free of the fear of judgment, as I understand that the only judgment that truly matters is the final judgment administered by my Higher Self.

I clear my Akash and reclaim my power from the cycle of Samsara, and welcome my soul home again.

On driving the Divine Mission.

I clear the need to tirelessly prove my worth. I, instead, allow my worth to proliferate in its own Divine way. I trust the process. I know I am exactly where I need to be, fully equipped, STOCKED, with everything I need for the hero's journey.

I override the ego's need to broadcast its achievements, and rest in the knowing that the unfoldment is occurring at just the right pace, in just the right way.

I understand and accept fully that I am worthy and highly-capable of bringing about the highest possible outcomes in every aspect of the journey.

I highly value my gifts and talents simply because they deserve my own validation. I employ them as an act of service (Seva and Sadhana), to uplift and add value to Self, others and the planet, rather than as a display of the ego.

I reject any messages I have received to the contrary.

I understand and fully accept that some may not value my gifts and talents and that is okay. I clear the fear of abuse perpetrated by lost souls whose disconnection from their own worth causes them to lash out. I have a deep knowing that I am Divinely protected, especially whilst consumed by the fires of my passionate pursuits. I am safe to fully unleash my agni (burning of desire).

I am grateful I have been given the opportunity, in this lifetime, to add value in a way only I can, and I get to learn, play, laugh and grow in the process.

I clear attachment to outcome, understanding that what is meant to be will come to pass in just the way it is meant to. I am free to relax—for relaxation is the prerequisite to clarity.

I embrace my ability to live, love, create and transform in my own unique way.

I continuously harness the powers of gratitude to unify my being with the high-vibrational energy of co-creation with Source.

I understand that what may appear as a “setback” is actually a re-calibration toward a truer sense of the mission. Failure is non-existent.

I have healed the Samskaras of the ego and now may ascend, unobstructed. I align effortlessly with the frequencies of the souls I see who appear to have what I desire. I no longer inadvertently push it away through the vibration of envy. On 5D relationships.

I attract the most blissful partnerships into my life, where honest and connected communication, trust, mutual respect, support, empathy and unconditional love reside at the core.

Where sharing of time, energy and resources is a joy.

Where speaking freely is second-nature, with the understanding everyone is responsible for their own shadow-clearing and purifying of their reactionary state, and intentions are always for the upliftment of everyone involved.

Where each person gets their needs met, because the space has been made for the full expression of those needs.

All members are whole and continuous in their evolution. No one loses themselves, but become MORE of themselves. Through our uniqueness being highly valued and supported and celebrated, everyone is made stronger.

I understand that the actions of others have nothing to do with me, but is a reflection of their own current level of understanding and who they, themselves, are. Therefor, there is nothing to take personally.

I embrace the developing telepathy currently perpetuating itself within the collective of my Divine soul family and Divine masculine twin partnership. It is palpable and it is real. I am grateful for the feeling of safety, security and deep understanding I am gifted, in the realization of those existing in like-mindedness with me.

I am grateful for the gifts given in knowing that there are like-minded souls I have yet to meet. Souls that have yet to grace my life with the most unique kind of bliss. And those who already have. Namaste!

I clear any seeds of attachment that may present in my energetic field towards these souls. I adore them and love them in the freest sense.

On impermanence.

I fully accept death as a part of life. Safe in the logic that just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, there is a core part of each of us that cannot be born and can never die. I clear any attachment I have to this life and all other lives, across all timelines, universes, parallel realities. Moksha is mine for the taking.

I have experienced the deep suffering caused my attachment and understand I do not need to anymore. It is as simple as cultivating a deep, trusting connection with the Divine. Jivamukti is my birthright.

I let go.

I let it ALL go.

Into the ethers or wherever it may flow.

And if I should ever be blindsided by illusion again, all I simply need to do is quickly notice and forgive myself and re-calibrate. I understand this is one of the perils of this fleshy humanoid existence on the earth plane.

I trust the process of life.

With all my being.

I sincerely wish the same for all of humanity as we collectively bring heaven to earth. And so it is! And so it shall be.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

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