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Once the journey is started, there is no going back. And why would you want to? At this time, people are awakening all over the world-- transcending conscious realities and making the longest 12-inch trip--the one from the mind to the heart. Shifting from a 3D level of consciousness into a 5D. It can be confusing, daunting, and even downright terrifying, but absolutely worth it. So many are still stuck in the old matrix of lack/victim/perpetrator/duality/ego/fear consciousness within the third dimension. Its where happiness is elusive and only comes from outside circumstance, so the ego runs the show. Those of us who are awakening, see straight through this illusion and our higher Selves are trying to break us free of the prison.

Here, I have outlined five (unofficial) stages to help put things into perspective.

1. You find yourself starting to question Everything--the meaning of life, why the world is so broken, who are you and why are you here...You realize something is amiss and feel a sort of rebellion against the external world. You find yourself moving from victim mentality to that of a survivor. Triggers and traumas, especially formed in childhood, begin to surface and present themselves for healing. Faulty programming (passed down from asleep parents, society, ancestors) starts to break down and we may find ourselves lost in confusion, depression and anxiety. We start to really realize that happiness cannot be found in external things. Things we once were able to tolerate have now become intolerable. It might feel like you are going crazy, but, keep in mind, that may be what the worm is feeling when it dissolves into its chrysalis phase.

2. You find yourself becoming more introspective. Maybe even majorly retracting from society to seek the truth within yourself. Perhaps leaving dissatisfying situations that have become just too intolerable with our newfound way of thinking. We can clearly see much of society is still sleeping and we may even try to wake them, but fear the wrath of their judgement in being seen as different or 'weird'. Loneliness is common in this phase. It may feel as if no one understands. You might feel grief at the loss of your old self, but at the same time there is a relief in release of things that no longer serve.

3. The True/Higher Self overshadows the false self/ego. You have gained important knowledge about who you really are and understand you can trust your intuition. Acceptance and letting go is at the forfront as we relinquish ego control. There is an ego death, but at the same time a deep faith and trust and connection to a Higher Power through a daily spiritual practice. Traumas have been healed and we have forgiven. Old faulty programming has been replaced with a deeper and higher consciousness and "knowing". We no longer need approval as we feel at peace with who we are. We don't take things personally and are unapologetically ourselves. Relationships improve and we might find those around us following suit--awakening alongside us. You are doing your work as a lightworker, just by being yourself! You live in the present moment, in love, nonduality, peace. Emotions no longer rule you and you are practicing discernment, having healthy boundaries. Your spiritual practice is something you do because you find joy in it, not to get somewhere.

4. An extension of step 3, you find you are creating from an awakened state, stepping into your true empowerment as a multi-dimensional being. Discovering your calling perhaps as a healer, coach, intuitive. Conscious co-creating with the universe. Mastering manifestation. Mastering thoughts and beliefs. Living in joy, peace, abundance and love.

I hope this helps some of my fellow lightworkers gain perspective and realize the very special mission we have come here to take part in, and to not lose hope in the process. Take the time you need to rest if needed--it takes a lot of energy to transcend consciousness and to heal! And please please please know you are NOT alone in this. This page was created to help us like-minded empathic lightworkers to come together for strength, support, and encouragement. Please do share, in the comments below, some of your own experience with awakening. Even as the journey may be arduous, may we have the courage to continue our sacred work in bringing heaven to earth.

Namaste luvs!

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