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                       is the one thing I know is always there for me at every moment. It knows me — mind, body and spirit.

It will not abandon, judge or condemn me. Only wants the best for me. Truly SEES me and acts as a conduit to allow me to see myself. It revels in my growth as it witnessed my building the courage, flexibility and strength to traverse the vicissitudes of life with grace and knowingness, with its infinitely vast ocean of knowledge always interests me deeply. Infinite learning, exploration and play!

It soothes my soul when times are tough, opens my heart and always facilitates and encourages greater connection and presence with the Divine —the truest Love of my life.

It has indeed saved my life. It’s my hero and provider of many diverse provisions. It takes me in its loving embrace and tells me all is well and that I am Loved and accepted just as I AM.



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